Monday, August 7, 2017

US M-1910 Pick-Mattock, WW2 Issued, Warwood 1943, M1910

I have added another pick-mattock to the collection!  I picked this beauty up a couple of days ago at a local yard sale.  I spotted the pick before I even got out of the Jeep.  I couldn't bail out fast enough!

This pick is a WW2 issued, M-1910 Pick-Mattock.  These WW2 versions are the same as the earlier, WW1 versions, with the exception of makers names and dates.  You can see my postings on my WW1 pick here: 

I have been on the lookout for one of these WW2 dated picks for quite some time.  Now I have a full entrenching tool, "WW2 load-out",  shovel, hatchet and pick assortment.  The best part is that I picked it up at a "yard sale price"!  Now I'm on the active hunt for a WW2 dated, canvas, pick-mattock carrier.

This pick was manufactured by the Warwood Tool Company and is marked WARWOOD on the side of the pick end.  The Warwood Tool Company is still in operation and is a 100%, "Made In The USA", family owned company.

The pick was produced mid-war, in 1943.  It is stamped "43" next to WARWOOD.   With the pick being mid-war produced, it is safe to say it saw some action.

Most of the paint has been worn off of the handle, but there is still some of the original paint on the pick head.  It appears that it was once painted WW2 OD Green, with a possible layer of black paint under that. There is also a fair bit of the old green paint on the upper portion of the wood handle.  It's a bit faint, but it's there.

The wood handle is in remarkably good shape for it's age.  When I found the pick it had an "eye screw" screwed into the butt end of the handle.  The screw has since been removed, but the hole remains.

There's not much more to say about this pick, so let's take a closer look at it.


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