Friday, October 14, 2016

Swedish Army Pick, Shovel and Axe in use with the Stridsvagn M38, M39, M40 Tank, WW2

While researching a few of my Swedish Army items, I ran across a bonanza of photos and information about the field use of my Swedish pick and shovel.

Here are the links to the original posts:

Finding photos or references to many of the "ordinary" bits of equipment like pioneer shovels or picks, can sometimes prove to be quite difficult.  I had always suspected that both the picks, shovels and axes had been vehicle mounted, in addition to standard field troop issued, but never actually had the "proof".  That is until today!

I ran across a number of photos of the old, pre, and early, WW2 Swedish Army tanks with both the picks, shovels and axes mounted on them.  Nearly every photos of these old Stridsvagn Tanks showed the pick mounted on the right hand side, and the shovel and axe mounted on the left side.  They show up as standard issue on the M38, M39 and M40 versions.  They most likely were used on other pieces of equipment, but they are prominently mounted on all of the early tanks.

Here is a link to an informational sites about these tanks:

I love it when I can find such great photos of my old tools in use!  
Enjoy the photos.

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