Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two New Danish Army Engineer, Pioneer Spades circa 1940's to 1980's

Well, the shovel thread continues.............  I have added two more of the Danish Army Engineer Spades to the collection!  I couldn't resist.  I had placed an order for a 2-pack set of East German pioneer shovels from my favorite surplus source and they totally screwed up the order.  In short, I did not get the two East German shovels, but they did make me a deal on two more of the Danish spades that I absolutely could not pass up, to make up for the previously botched order. (Oh yes, and Free Shipping!)

They arrived today via Fed-Ex and I decided to do a quick un-boxing and show them off here on the blog.

Here is the dramatic un-boxing:

I won't go into the complete history and specification on these spades in this post.  If you would like the "complete story", then you can go back to my original Danish Spade blog post:

The two spades are both slightly different.  The  spade that is in the roughest condition, has a wonderful Danish Army ITT and crown stamp on the wood shank.  They both have the makers stamp of DSI (one is a double stamp), and the cleanest of the two shovels has a clear Danish Army ITT and crown stamp on the shovel blade itself.  The other spade might have that as well, but the paint is VERY thick in that area, so it would be buried underneath.

They even came with some original "Danish", or possibly "Afghanistan" sand! 

Here is the photo album of these two new spades.  Enjoy!

Two handle grip variations.
Side view of the two different grips.
Two shades of green paint.

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