Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Swedish Soldiers Photo, circa 1915, Swedish Army Winter Hat and Uniform

Here is a new posting that will double as an addition to my previous post detailing my WW2 vintage, Swedish Army Sheep's Wool Winter Hat.  You can see the original posting here:

In my search for original documentation about the old Swedish Wool Winter hats, I ran across this photograph that was listed on eBay.  The photo was listed as a photograph of unknown origin, with no details.  I picked it up for less than the cost of the seller's postage!

The photo is a partial, clipped section, that was cut from an original photo-postcard.  The photo depicts two Swedish soldiers kneeling in front of a group of other soldiers.  The two soldiers are wearing the old, WW1 style uniforms as well as the old Sheep's Wool Winter Hats.  The uniforms show no indication of rank or unit insignia.  There is a partial date on the back of the photo of "1915", as well as what remains of the original address.  Unfortunately there is not enough writing left after the photo was cut down, to determine location, subjects names,  or exact dates, etc.  The 1915 year date is consistent with the uniforms, so I am confident that it is accurate.

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