Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bundesgrenzschutz-Polizei Patches 2001 - 2005

Today I have another set of Bundesgrenzschutz patches that come from the very last chapter of the Bundesgrenzschutz.

In 2001, the BGS made their final reorganization and uniform change before they were officially renamed in 2005 as the Bundespolizei.  During the 2001 - 2005 time period, the BGS basically wore the standard German Federal Police uniform.  The last of the old Bundesgrenzschutz unique items were a thing of the past.  The rank structure as well as the shoulder boards became the standard police style worn throughout Germany.  The shoulder patches were also changed to a Police Green background with yellow embroidery.  The work POLIZEI was also added above the Federal Eagle.

The set I am showcasing today are new and unissued.

Here is a quick shot of a few Bundesgrenzschutz officers "working the crowd" during this 2001 - 2005 transition period:

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