Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bundesdrenzschutz Bicycle at Fort Worden Military Vehicle Show

Yesterday Sweet Pea, the pugs and I, all made the trek out to Fort Worden to visit the Labor Day Weekend Historic Military Vehicle Show.  We packed a picnic lunch, loaded up the BGS bicycle, and made the hike up to the top Artillery Hill.  It was a small encampment with most of the vehicles from British Columbia and a few from Washington State.  We had expected a larger gathering with a couple of reenactment camps from WW1 and the Spanish American War, but the camps were nowhere to be found........  We had a great picnic lunch courtesy of Sweet Pea and we enjoyed looking at the vehicles.  I got some great shots of the Bundesgrenzschutz bicycle in front of a HUGE M-818 Truck and in front of a WW2 Chevrolet Communications Van.

This M-818 was a BEAST!  These things are HUGE!  This one was set up as a camper rig for running up in Alaska........... Very cool!  It even had a little window set up for their little dog to look out.

There was a good mix of vehicles.......... a couple of ambulances, three motorcycles, several deuce-and-a-halves, a couple of Jeeps, a Humvee...............  the motorcycles, Humvee and a Jeep were leaving on a "road trip" to Fort Flagler when we arrived, but I did get a few quick pictures before they took off.

The WW2 Chevrolet Communication Van was great!  It was set up as a Canadian Army rig with trailer and it had all of the original radio gear inside.  They had a BSA folding paratroop bicycle on the front (not an accurate BSA bike, but still pretty cool).  I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the BGS bike next to the BSA folder that was strapped on the front of the Chevy......

Here are a few shots of the BSA folding bike on the front of the Chevy....... original frame, but the bars and stem, etc. were newer.....

Here are a mix of shots from around the show:

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